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All Master Mentors are trained Pneumatologists in various fields.

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The Teachers and Master Mentors of the Zane kai Keturah International Institute of Pneumatology are dedicated to the experimental approach to the Spirit and the mechanics of Spirit which therefore in the context of the Spirit, makes them more proficient than those that are inclined to and are limited to theology. They acknowledge that theology is strictly theoretical and is therefore subject to subjective perspectives . They hold firmly to the understanding that the only way to verify Truth is by observable evidence.

They also acknowledge that Scripture and demonstrable Power go hand in hand and that one cannot exist without the other. They are one and the same.

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Zane kai Keturah International institute of Pneumatology has been part of a thriving online community of New Covenant Saints that all embrace fully the realities of the New Covenant and share in the realities of the New Covenant. If you would like to be a part of this community you can follow our Public Facebook Group or you can become a member of the Zane Kai Keturah International Private Members Club which is independent of the Institute but associates with the Institute. In this Club, Zane and Keturah conduct regular teaching, training, Spiritual Clinics etc.  You can also feel free to check our Collaborators Page for fantastic New Covenant associations. 


Flexible Curriculum

It is understandable that everyone has a busy schedule and so to have a class at times may be impractical depending on the congestion of schedules and daily plans. To assist with this all sessions that we carry on are in fact recorded to cater foe everyone who genuinely are overwhelmed with the busy daily routines. As of such, please feel free to search the menu tab for Courses > Register for online Course to be  enlightened by the courses that we have posted. You can also feel free to browse our YouTube channel for videos and we woould also like you to know that the Institute is fully open to bookings to come to your locale and conduct training. The Master Coaches are always delighted to see the Sons of God awaken to who they are and wha they are, in Christ.

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