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Zane kai Keturah International Institute of Pneumatology


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We offer weekly, bi-weekly and quarterly Master Classes that will forever change your life. 

Our Master Classes come with a 100% success rate and are all based on over 50,000 hours of pragmatic and experimental research into the Spiritual Mysteries of the Ancient Priests, Prophets, the Messiah and the Apostles


With over 40,000 hours of pragmatic and experimental research into the Ancient Hebrew perspective of THE NAME, we have been successful at identifying the Spiritual Dynamics that significantly increases wellbeing, in Christ.


Predominantly, the westernized Christian community has been traditionally educated about God, Jesus and the Bible. Our research has rediscovered the foundation of the Power of Life in Christ presented in the Bible, as Contractual.


In contrast to the the thought of individual blessings, blessings of wealth in the Scriptures, which are Spiritual Blessings, are national level blessings. We are

now redefining Finances, as well as providing training to Spiritually generate.


Scriptures prophesy that the Knowledge of the Name will cover the Earth, as the waters cover the seas. We are very humbled to share the findings of our research both regarding Biblical Literature and the Energetic Physics of spirit for all to benefit.


The world today is limited by the extent of its available knowledge. Thus far, many are suffering both physically, mentally, and many are losing their faith and hope. Our research will change this. It is our intention and objective to restore all of the above.


We currently conduct two weekly Radio Shows on Kingdom Purpose TV & Radio and two Members Only Educational Podcasts.

Click the link to access more info on the hosts, as well as links to our YouTube Playlists and our Members Only Platform.


In the context of the undertakings of the International Institute of Pneumatology, Pneumatology is the study of the Ancient Hebrew Principle of Life and Energy (found in the Ancient Israelite Scriptures), which is the Name of God. The Name is the Law of the Energetic Mechanics (or Spiritual Physics) of the Holy Spirit, and inadvertently all spirit.

It defines how Life and Spirit works and thrives.


The International Institute of Pneumatology (ZKIIOP) is a non-profit international institute committed to the pragmatic and experimental research and education of the Ancient Priestly, Prophetic, and Apostolic Principle of Biblical Literature.


Our main focus is on the Name of Christ Yeshua (YHVH in flesh), which is central to the Hebrew Bible and the energetic dynamics of the Holy Spirit or human spirit/ energy.


Welcome to the International Institute of Pneumatology, a beacon of transformative knowledge that bridges ancient wisdom with contemporary insight. Our institute stands at the forefront of groundbreaking research, unveiling the profound mysteries encoded in the Biblical Keys of the Name of God. With over 50,000 hours dedicated to original exploration, we offer a unique perspective that redefines spiritual understanding and practical application.

In a world thirsty for genuine insight, our research brings to light the ancient cognitive laws and self-existent reasoning embedded in the sacred texts. Why is this relevant today? As humanity grapples with existential questions, our institute emerges as a guiding force, ushering in a paradigm shift in Biblical interpretation and spiritual application.


For Biblical Scholars seeking fresh revelations, our work provides an invaluable resource, offering a new lens through which to perceive the sacred scriptures. To Seekers of Truth hungry for profound insights, we extend an invitation to embark on a transformative journey where ancient wisdom meets the challenges of the modern world.

Our impact extends beyond the spiritual realm. In the field of Psychology, we challenge conventional paradigms, introducing a holistic perspective that integrates the self-existent process of reasoning within the Name of God. For those in pursuit of Holistic Wellbeing, our research becomes a compass, guiding toward a life of true flourishing.


In the realm of Quantum Physics, we present the Name of God not merely as a spiritual concept but as a universal law governing both thought and the very fabric of reality. Our institute becomes a bridge between the ancient and the cutting-edge, offering insights that resonate across disciplines.

For the Christian and Jewish communities, our research becomes a beacon of revival, reigniting the supernatural power embedded in sacred narratives. Today, more than ever, our work is a response to the call for authentic spirituality, relevant insights, and a bridge between the timeless and the contemporary. Explore with us as we illuminate the path to a more profound understanding of self, spirituality, and the universe. Welcome to the International Institute of Pneumatology.


The research conducted by the International Institute of Pneumatology holds profound relevance for humanity today due to several crucial factors:


1. Spiritual Clarity in a Complex World:
   In an era characterized by spiritual seeking and a myriad of belief systems, our research offers clarity by uncovering ancient wisdom encoded in the Biblical Keys of the Name of God. It provides a navigational guide for individuals seeking a deeper, more meaningful connection to their spiritual existence.


2. Holistic Wellbeing and Mental Health:
   The integration of our findings into the field of Psychology brings forth a holistic approach to mental health. By introducing the self-existent process of reasoning within the Name of God, we present a transformative perspective that contributes to mental and emotional wellbeing in a world grappling with various psychological challenges.


3. Bridge Between Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science:
   In the field of Quantum Physics, our research becomes a bridge, connecting ancient spiritual concepts with the cutting-edge understanding of the universe. It offers a harmonious relationship between timeless truths and the latest advancements in scientific thought.


4. Revival of Supernatural Power:
   For the Christian and Jewish communities, our work signals a revival. It rekindles the supernatural power embedded in sacred narratives, offering a pathway for believers to reconnect with the profound aspects of their faith, fostering a renewed spiritual experience.

5. Universal Relevance Beyond Religious Boundaries:
   While deeply rooted in religious narratives, our research transcends religious boundaries. The principles uncovered are universally applicable, providing insights and guidance for individuals irrespective of their religious affiliations.


6. Call to Self-Existent Living:
   At a time when many seek purpose and meaning, our research presents a call to self-existent living. By understanding the self-existent process of reasoning within the Name of God, individuals are empowered to live with a profound sense of purpose and direction.


7. Paradigm Shift in Biblical Interpretation:
   For Biblical Scholars and those engaged in the study of sacred texts, our work signifies a paradigm shift. It introduces a fresh perspective on Biblical interpretation, challenging conventional understandings and inspiring a renewed exploration of the scriptures.


In essence, the research from the International Institute of Pneumatology addresses the pressing needs of the contemporary world, offering a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom, holistic wellbeing, and a revival of spiritual power, creating a transformative impact on the collective human experience.





These mentors are the best teachers I have ever sat under. They take it step by step and make sure everyone understands before moving forward. They also instruct and lead the students through practical exercises so that we can apply what we have learned and build our confidence so we will continue to walk it out in our everyday lives.

Master Mentor

Patti Sutton

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