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The International Institute of Pneumatology was birthed out of asking the simple question, "why isn’t the modern day Believers reproducing the supernatural power of the Biblical characters, such as the Priests, Prophets, Nazirites, Yeshua the Messiah, and the Apostles"?

Why isn't the Scriptures working?

The findings of our research is now able to both answer this question as well as identify, through the lens of the Ancient Hebrew Heritage of the Scriptures, the overlooked, untaught, and the most significant finding of our research:

The Knowledge of the Name of God and it’s role in Biblical Literature.

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Meet the Master Mentors of ZKIIOP. 

Telvin Jeffries

Business Master Mentor, Business Manager & Minister

Telvin is a Senior Principal providing Human Resources consulting services for large market clients. He has spent over 20 years of his life in corporate Human Resources leadership service as Executive Vice President of Human Resources for both Kohl’s and Radio Shack.

Patti Sutton

Inspirational Master Mentor & Prison Minister

Patti is the host of Happy O’clock Radio Show on Kingdom Purpose Radio, Inspirational Master Mentor and has worked in the Criminal Justice field for 41 years as of 2022 serving as State Court Administrator for 24 years and currently the Chief Circuit Administrator for the Public Defender’s Office.

Kourtney King

Master Mentor

Kourtney King is a Heart Coach, Pneumatologist, Radio Host, podcaster, graduate student, actress, and mother of one, based in New York City. King is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Educational Theater for Colleges and Communities at New York University (NYU). 

Lori Flugrad

Master Mentor

Lori is working in the education field in Smithville, Missouri and living in Kansas City, Mo, USA. She has been studying under the ZKIIOP for several years and she is now a Prophetic Master Mentor. She is also the author of two E-books called "The Testimony of the Supernatural Hand of God".

Vince Allen

Master Mentor

Vince works with his family in their family owned business. He is usually operating mainly as an appliance repair technician. 
He has a BA from Wilmington college. Major in Business Administration, minor in biology. 

I enjoyed being a chaplain in the county juvenile detention center.

Shelly Ann Pierre

Master Mentor

Shelly serves at Zane kai Keturah International Institute of Pneumatology in the capacity of Inspirational Master Mentor, as well as a cohost of the Live Radio Talk Show, Happy O' Clock on Kingdom Purpose Radio.

Loretta Finely

Master Mentor

is a retired Registered Nurse. She has worked in the fields of emergency medicine, psychiatric care and end of life care.

She is also a co-host of the sensational and inspirational Radio Talk Show Happy O'clock, that is primarily hosted live on Kingdom Purpose Radio, with a heart to liberate people across the globe.

Tonia Wuttke

Master Mentor

Tonia is thrilled to be part of the ZKI International Institute of Pneumatology. She was born and raised in Canada and is currently residing in Alberta.

In 2019, she joined Sonship Lifestyle Community and in 2020 with ZKI international of Pneumatology, where she as become a Coach and Master Mentor.

Paul Mashaly


Master Mentor

Paul is a former Islamic scholar that has come to Christ with a heart to change the world in Christ through the Power of Christ Jesus. He is also Comparative Research Expert that that serves as a Master Mentor at the ZKIIOP.

Odiela Jackson

Master Mentor

Odiela Jackson is among the called out ones who has heard the clarion call to instill Kingdom Reality in the generation that is now; the generation that is also the future. She has answered that call and positioned herself as "Repairer of the Breach".

Paul Brown


Master Mentor

Paul Brown is the Founder of PaulyB Ministries, Sonship Lifestyle and Prophetic Heartbeat. He has been a Missionary to many countries, with branches of his Ministry in Africa. Paul is also a thriving Entrepreneur. He serves as the Rehabilitation Master Mentor at ZKIIOP.

Keturah Bartholomew

Master Mentor

Keturah is an Author, Writer, Spiritual Identity & Parenting Master Mentor, and Women’s Empowerment Coach who educates women all around the world, with tested and proven strategies to identify and change limiting beliefs and become empowered to be the women that they were designed to be.

Zane Pierre


Head Master Mentor

Zane is the Founder and Head Master Mentor of the International Institute of Pneumatology. He is an Interpreter & Translator and former bilingual Offshore Occupational Health and Safety Trainer.  He is Venezuelan born but hails from the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Zane is also a Biblical enthusiast and Educator of Biblical Literature.

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