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Happy O' Clock

Inspire | Motivate | Empower

This Radio Talk Show is presented every Monday night at 9pm EST on Kingdom Purpose TV & Radio. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notifications.

The world is hurting today,  and filled with anxiety and fear with all happenings in the world. Tune in and be filled with Peace and Assurance.

About Happy O' Clock Radio Show

We all have different perspectives about what is happening in the world today, as well as what is happening with us personally. Some of us see positive aspects of whatever happens. While some keep blaming that life is hard.

This Radio Talk Show will provide you with the evidence of testimonies, life changing stories, insightful expansions of Scriptural excerpts that will bring you into the Life-Changing awareness that God is on your side.

Hosts Patti, Loretta and Shelly Ann all live in the pragmatic experience of the God of the Bible and they will restore and strengthen your Faith in Him, a Faith that will never disappoint. A practical Faith that can be experienced.

"All things work together for good for those who love the Lord". Be inspired by the wondrous works of the Lord in a very practical and non-religious way!

Meet the Hosts

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