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Reboot Your Biblical Perspective

Live Radio Talk Show

This is a Live Radio Talk Show presented every Tuesday morning at 9am EST on Kingdom Purpose TV & Radio. 

For centuries, Christianity has developed definitions for its concepts via many reference points that are not always advantageous. In this Talk Show, we revert to the Ancient Hebrew Perspective of the Biblical Concepts that make your experience tangible and practical.

About RYBP Radio Talk Show

Reboot Your Biblical Perspective Live is  the one and most unique Radio Talk Show where we approach the New Testament, identifying the misguided modern day Christian perspectives, giving context to the rediscovered Ancient Hebrew Context of Scriptural Concepts, via the lens of Rabbi Yeshua and His Apostles, in the Name.

This Talk Show is a dynamic segment where Kourtney and Tonia address concept after concept, to bring understanding of not only the Ancient Hebrew mindset, but for more functionality in your life, via the Name of Christ, which research at ZKIIOP has revealed is a Principle of Functionality.

All concepts find their orientation via the Name. Verified by our pragmatic and experimental research under Zane kai Keturah International Institute of Pneumatology.

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