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Spiritual Coaching Identity  Mindset


Our research at the Institute has brought to light that the modern and westernized comprehension of what Christianity is has been based on the tradition of traditional denominational education of Elohim and Christ. This inadvertently has led to the average modern Believer's clueless subversion of the use of Scriptures for moral and emotional validation. A plethora of Mental Health struggles has been the result.

This is foreign to both the authors and characters of Biblical Literature. They all interface with the Elohim of all via contractual agreements known as Covenants. Covenants clearly define both parties' respective responsibilities and expectations.

Our research has proven that the New Covenant is very active.

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Unlocking Scripture


In 2015 and 2016, in the Founder of the Institute's quest for true Spiritual Dynamics, he formulated very practical experiments to test the verity of manifestation of the popular denominational perspectives of God, the Scriptures, and Spiritual Dynamics.  With much frustration of over 400 experiments, spiritual manifestation was less than 5%, to be generous. This resulted in his complete abandonment of the westernized interpretation of the Scriptures, turning his eyes to the heritage from which the Scriptures came.

Now, with an increase of 80- 90% of mechanical manifestation via the identification of the Ancient Hebrew Principle of  the Scriptures, the philosophy of the Ancient Hebrew Mindset, and the literary construct of the text, you can learn how to read and understand the Bible through the logic of the Name of Elohim, and reproduce manifestations for yourself. 

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Spiritual Coaching Identity  Mindset


One of the most significant discoveries that gave birth to the Institute is the immense difference in the understanding of the Name of Elohim via the lens of the philosophy of the English Language (including the typical Greco-Roman lens) and the sophistication of the philosophy of the Ancient Hebrew language. In English, a Name is seen as merely a label, designated to be able to differentiate one person or thing from another. 

To the Ancient Hebrews, particularly to the Ancient Hebrew Priests, the Name i.e. Yahweh Elohim, is 700% more than a label.  The Name is a Principle of Functionality, much like a Law of Physics, that gives a functional understanding of how all spirit or energy work. It defines the Divine Nature, which then translates into a Principle of Logic or Reasoning. Ancient Hebrew Priests, Judges, Prophets, Nazirites, Yeshua and His Apostles all took on the Name as a title, office, and living persona with His Principle of logic, from which all Spiritual Power is reproduced, mechanically.

At the Institute, the Name has been proven to be the Key of Life.

Spiritual Coaching Identity  Mindset


We host a various podcasts and Radio talk Shows based on the findings of our research.  Check them out:

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