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Available Services


We provide speeches and presentations giving orientation to the ancient Hebrew Principle of Biblical Literature and the functional Spiritual Dynamics of the same. 

Coaching/ Discipleship

We provide both Group Coaching and 1-1 Coaching Services, practically and methodically walking you through reorientating the 12 aspects of your Life to the practical Power of the Name.

Spiritual Gifts Training

We provide education coupled with practical competency in all 9 Gifts of the Spirit, from surface level usage to lifestyle application. 100% activation rate.


We provide educational lectures on the Ancient Hebrew Principle of Biblical Literature, coupled with the practical applications of the Power of the Name of Christ Jesus, spiritually, psychologically, and more.

Onsite & Online Seminars

We conduct seminars and workshops applying the practical Power of the Name, in: Understanding Biblical Literature, 12 Aspects of Life, & MUCH MORE

Public Ministration

We provide Ministry internationally, in the forms of: Healing, Deliverance, private consultations, Radio Talk Shows, podcasts, and more. This is provided both online and on-site. 


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