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Reboot Your Biblical Perspective

Educational Podcast

This is a Members Only Podcast.

For centuries and very present in our modern Christian spheres, the Bible has been reference in every possible way, except for the comprehension of the Scriptures as a Manual of Power and Spiritual Physics through the lens of the Christ in the Garden of Eden.

Do you want to change that? Our findings can help..

We approach the Bible not as a Source of Philosophical Doctrine, but as a Source of Spiritual Physics.

About RYBP

Reboot Your Biblical Perspective, the one and most unique podcast where we approach the New Testament, identifying the misguided westernized perspectives, giving context to the rediscovered Spiritual Dynamics of who you are, and what you are, via the lens of Rabbi Yeshua and His Apostles, in the Name.


In this Podcast, we also show you step by step how Jesus fulfilled the Scriptures by reliving the narratives of the Biblical Characters, with informed commentary on their perspective of Spiritual Physics, in the Name, verified by our pragmatic and experimental research under Zane kai Keturah International Institute of Pneumatology.

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