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The Name of God

Research at the International Institute of Pneumatology has revealed that the Name/s of God in Biblical Literature is a Principle or Fundamental Law of Nature that underlies the function of all Spirit or Energy, and the characteristic mindset that all authentic Scripture expresses.

It is also the Law of Logic from which all things supernatural or "miraculous" are reproduced.

About the Research Process

The Research Process at the International Institute of Pneumatology has been an ongoing one that began in March 2015 as personal research carried out by the Founder Zane Pierre of the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and continues today through this non-profit organization dedicated to the pragmatic and experimental research, and education on the Ancient Hebrew Principle of the Scriptures, and the Energetic Mechanics of Spirit, and human energy.

The calculated time dedicated to this research throughout this period of time now stands at approximately 42,000 hours. We believe that the findings of our research can significantly benefit various fields in the world today, such as Mental Health, Physical Health, Psychology, Law, Physics, the world of Theology, and much more.

The research process primarily benefited from the Founder's knowledge of the science of Translation and Interpreting, through which the identification of the difference in the Philosophy of the ancient Hebrew language and the English language was possible.  


Below is an elaboration of our research process through the lens of the Founder. 

The Founder of the International Institute of Pneumatology has been a Professional Translator and Interpreter for 20 years.  Within this period of time he was the owner of a small Translation business of his own, and spent 9+ years as a bilingual Offshore Occupational Health & Safety Lecturer & Practical Instructor, delivering internationally accredited training in over 12 areas of Occupational Health & Safety, in both English and Spanish. Also, offering his services of Interpreting within his spheres to Executives in Trinidad and Tobago and in travel to Spanish speaking countries. 

At the beginning of 2015, he decided for personal reasons and as a personal objective, to apply his knowledge of the science of Translation to Biblical Literature, in his failing confidence in the veracity of the claims of supernatural ability announced in the Bible. For 15 years of his life, he relentlessly pursued a desire that begun in his childhood to have the supernatural experiences that Biblical characters had, to his own frustrations and sorrows.

Commencing with various resources (see below), and tools, among which were Interlinear Scripture Analyzers, various Concordances, and Dictionaries he committed himself first to a militant schedule of 16 -20 hours a day to scrutinize the English Translation of the Bible, with the personal suspicion that perhaps the English Translations were manipulated, resulting in a lack of supernatural manifestation in his life and in the life of the Believers today. Also with the serious consideration that Believers in general, have trusted the Bible without practical verification, and many to grievous disappointments, he decided to couple his Biblical scrutiny with a strategic experimental process, based on the common denominational comprehension of the texts, at that time.

The priority of the scrutiny of the translations at that time was to identify if there was any detectable manipulation. The priority of the experimental process was to yield supernatural manifestation, such as healing the sick, dominion over creation etc. 

Throughout 2015, 2016, and 2017, he scrutinized at least 11 versions of the Bible also searching for what he thought would be the best translation, and quickly learned that there was no such thing. As a translator himself, he realized that each translation was functional in its own right. There is no good, better, or best translation, but rather each version of the Bible was approached with a different priority or purpose. 


At the end of 2016, he confidently concluded that the translations were fine for their respective purposes, but the testing of the denominational perspective, (especially from which he came), via the experimental process failed miserably.  Manifestations were less than 5%.  The only perspective throughout that time that yielded any results was that of Curry Blake's DHT and NEW MAN series.

At the dawn of 2017 a new path on the journey emerged. Regarding the Scriptures, he deducted that if the translations were functional for their own purposes, then the interpretation of the texts was logically the next thing to be questioned.  Abandoning totally the westernized interpretations of the Scriptures, he then turned his attention to the Jewish Community. He began to follow Rabbis online and came to the realization that in addition to cultural differences that would determine meaning, there was another factor that was an impediment to the understanding of Scriptures in our modern world.  That is, the identification of the philosophy of the ancient Hebrew language, as well as the identification of the difference between the philosophy of the said language and the modern English Language. 


Regarding the experiments, he carefully assessed the spiritual manifestations that he experienced personally, as well as those experienced by others through the use of the content from the DHT and the NEW MAN series, and deducted that if the healing and manifestations were in fact happening as they were, it would be very likely that there was an unknown law of Physics related to the Spirit that no one had identified as a result of the distractions of religious perspectives. He was convinced that this had to be the case for the Priests, Prophets, and persons like Jesus Christ and the Apostles to be able to reproduce manifestations as mechanically as they did. He reasoned that if God created the Universe, and the universe is a system of laws of Physics, then the Spirit of God, and the spirit of man, had to have had a law of Physics as well. 


So, the research proceeded with two objectives: 

1. To identify the Philosophy of the Ancient Hebrew Language, from which the context of the Biblical Literature would be ascertained. 

2. To identify the law of Physics of the Spirit that the Biblical characters such as the Priests, the Prophets, the Nazirites, Yeshua the Messiah, and the Apostles were all expressing. (If he could identify this, then this could be the answer that he was looking for).


In 2018, there were two groundbreaking discoveries. The Ancient Hebrew comprehension of God's Name, and the Principle that he was searching for, which was found in the simple phrase, "The Law of the Lord".

In our westernized comprehension of this term, we have surmised  that this means God's rules. However, this is not what the ancient Hebrews understood this to be. It was understood to be the fundamental Principle or Fundamental Law of the Nature of God Himself. It underlies the function of all Spirit or Energy, and the characteristic mindset that all authentic Scripture expresses. It is the Divine Principle of Functionality.  It is the Principle of the Self-Existent (and Eternal).

The ancient Hebrew Priests of the Scriptures adopted this Principle as a system of Logic, that enabled them to make decisions in the Mindset of God, which were also recorded as the decisions of God Himself, as well as what they used to reproduce Spiritual Power. This Principle of Functionality was also what the Great Wisdom of King Solomon, son of David, King of Israel, was based on. It was his system of logic.


Over the next 3 years, extensive research was then carried out to find the ancient's definition of this principle, and then the definition was experimentally applied through carefully and methodically designed frameworks based on the Principle, to 12 categories of Life, beginning with Spirituality and Mindset. Within this period, in July 2019, the International Institute of Pneumatology was born. 

The results were phenomenal. This rediscovered Principle brings not only all Scripture into its intended context but also fills in the gaps, and revolutionizes all areas of life.

The Principle reveals that the conundrum that the man in the narrative of the Garden of Eden fell into, causing him to find himself in the desert is Identity Codependency. The conundrum of all Mankind, the route of all problems in mental health, physical health, relationship and marriages, finances, parenting, professionally, among family, among friends, societal issues, social issues, religion, political issues, etc. is Identity Codependency. The Principle of the Self-Existent (and Eternal) in its correct definition is the cure and the key to Life, Synergy and Synchronicity. The Key to true Power and Peace. 

With this groundbreaking discovery in hand, the revisiting of the entire Holy Bible was imperative. This is because all Scriptures have been spoken through the Name, and therefore it is an expression of the Principle of the Name. The Scriptures can now be seen as a harmony of literary genius, with not one detail unaccounted for, nor wandering in misplacement. Through this Principle the Scriptures are now clearly seen as communicating that the true identity of man is divine, and he/ she is creating his/ her own reality. The Promises of Elohim in the Scriptures are meant to be the Mindset of man, bringing him out of self-destruction. This discovery also provides for the very first time, a very clear picture as to what exactly the Messiah Yeshua both demonstrated in his recorded life, as well as fulfilled at His crucifixion and resurrection.  

THE SCRIPTURES ARE NOT RULES NOR MORAL VALIDATION. This has been a cataclysmic misuse of the text that has resulted in the destruction and suffering of many. 

This Principle was then applied to how to approach Healing, Authority over various aspects of creation, and more, all with significant success. With this key, the success rate in these areas increased from 5% to more than 89%, overall (that is including the 12 areas of Life). 

The findings of this research in our application of this Principle of Functionality also highlights what is missing today in the areas of Psychology, and can also provide answers even in the world of Physics.


Amongst our discoveries that we believe have the potential to change the world is: the Scriptures indicate that we are all living in:

1. An ecosystem of Self-Existence, with higher Self-Existent frequencies ruling over others. (The Identity Codependency of Mankind, does not permit the understanding of creation without comparisons).

2. That what we have labelled planet Earth and even the Universe, is merely the physical bodies of a living organism (a Person) that is intelligent. (Identity Codependency has resulted in individual examination of aspects of the Earth and the Universe, and not the harmony of all aspects). 

3. We are meant to function in synchronicity with this Person via the said Principle of Functionality, which is His Logic. (Identity Codependency has led to a sense of individualism that has given man the idea that he is one among myriads of individual creation, and not that the myriads of creation are expression of one Person or Energy that is designed to function in synchronicity with man).

Some of the resources used in this investigative research process:

• Dake Annotated Reference Bible by Finnis Dake
• Archeological Study Bible by Zondervan
• The New Testament an Expanded Translation by Kenneth S. Wuest,
• Traditions & Encounters - A Global Perspective on the Past by Bentley Ziegler
• Diccionario Ilustrado de la Biblia by Dr. Wilton M. Nelson
• The New Testament and other Early Christian Writings by Bart S. Ehrman
• The New Testament - A Student’s Introduction by Stephen L. Harris
• The Old Testament - An Introduction to the Hebrew Bible by Stephen L. Harris and Robert L. Platzner
• A Brief Introduction to the New Testament by Bart D. Ehrman
• The New Manners and Customs of the Bible by James M. Freeman
• World History - The Human Odyssey by Jackson J. Spielvogel
• The Conplete Works of Flavius Josephus
• Online Lectures by Dr. David Neiman
• The Apochrypha
• The Code of Hammurabi
• The Quran (including various Handbooks)
• Various "Lost Books"
• The Church History of the First Three Centuries by Dr. Ferdinand Christian Baur


Ancient Hebrew Perspective
• The Jewish Study Bible featuring the Jewish Publication Society
• Jewish Theology - Systematically and Historically Considered by Dr. K. Kohler

Online resources 
• Ancient Hebrew Research Center
• Online Lectures by Tim Mackie PhD
• Tanakh, Talmud, Halakhah, Mishnah, Midrash, Kabbalah





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