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Meet Tonia

Tonia Wuttke

Inspirational Master Mentor

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My name is Tonia Wuttke, and I am thrilled to be part of the ZKI International Institute of Pneumatology. I was born and raised in Canada and am currently residing in Alberta. In 2019, I joined Sonship Lifestyle Community and in 2020 with ZKI international of Pneumatology, leading me to become a Coach and {Master Mentor}.


During the pandemic, I also launched an inspirational channel called Virtual Kisses with my good friend Elsamarie Beauty. You can follow us on Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok for a dose of good news!

Regarding my spiritual background, I was baptized Catholic, and in my early 20s, I began searching for a church because I wanted to find Jesus. Unfortunately, I could not find one that I fit in. However, God lovingly led me to various house church communities throughout my walk. I learned true fellowship, where we ate, worshipped, studied, prayed, prophesied and attended conferences together. In the last decade, I completed many training groups and equipping schools.


My heart's mission is to help inspire and uplift God's people, not just Christians but all of God's people. I desire to bring Father God's heart and kingdom established on earth.

Meet Tonia Wuttke
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