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Meet Loretta

Loretta Finley

Women's Ministry Master Mentor

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Loretta lives in lower Alabama. She is a retired Registered Nurse. She has worked in the fields of emergency medicine, psychiatric care and end of life care.


She learned about, and became a follower of Jesus Christ in the 1960's. She has grown in Spiritual knowledge and understanding throughout her life and became an Inspirational Master Mentor at the Zane kai Keturah International Institute of Pneumatology in early 2020, with an inclination to Minister to Women across the globe.

Prior to her contact with the Institute, she was an official Mentor of a Community called Adventures in Identity that is no longer existent.


Loretta is married and has a stepson.

She is also a co-host of the sensational and inspirational Radio Talk Show Happy O'clock, that is primarily hosted live on Kingdom Purpose Radio, and simultaneously across multiple social media platforms. Her heart's intention is to inspire, edify, and encourage the Body of Christ in the power and authority of the Divine Name Yahweh Elohim (Yeshua).

Meet Loretta
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