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Meet Kourtney

Kourtney King

Life Management Master Mentor

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Kourtney King is a Heart Coach, Pneumatologist, Radio Host, podcaster, graduate student, actress, and mother of one, based in New York City. 


Her work as a heart coach includes coaching busy, driven women to eliminate issues related to codependency, stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues so effectively manage all areas of their lives; such as health, relationships, family, career, and self-image. 


King is also a Master Mentor and Pneumatologist at the ZKI International Institute of Pneumatology (ZKIIOP), a non-profit institute dedicated to practical and experimental research and education on the mechanics and physics of Spirit through the Ancient Hebrew Scripture through The Name. Through ZKIIOP's findings, she assists her mentees with reorienting their mindset, resulting in Power of Life in Healing, Mental Peace, and Self-Generating Love.


King is also a co-host of the Reboot Your Biblical Perspective Radio Show, which airs on every Tuesday at 9 AM EST. Through the lenses of Rabbi Yeshua and His apostles in The Name and research conducted at the ZKIIOP, Reboot Your Biblical Perspective addresses modern misguided perspectives and topics of the Bible. 


King’s podcasts include Live From Your Heart and Coach Kourtney’s Almost Late Nite Show. Coach Kourtney's Almost Late Nite Show is live on Instagram via @CoachKourtneyK on Monday’s at 9 PM EST. Live From Your Heart podcast is available on all major platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts, each Sunday at 7PM EST. 


King is the content curator of The World-Changing Mind Community (TWCM) on Facebook; a non-denominational forum that provides its members with insight, classes, and discussions on understanding how to live in the Self-Existent mindset of Christ Yeshua. 


King is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Educational Theater for Colleges and Communities at New York University (NYU), where she is developing Heart-Based Theater praxis and pedagogy, a theatre form rooted in her studies as a pneumatologist. Upon completing her degree, King desires to open a heart-based design and performing arts center to encourage youth, young adults, and teaching artists to embrace various art forms through this practice. Since beginning her studies at NYU, she has been acting, producing, and directing on the NYU Steinhardt Main Stage.


In addition to being creative, she enjoys traveling, seeing Broadway shows, chatting with her son, and attending brunches in New York City. 


Connect with Kourtney King at


  • TikTok:@CoachKourtneyK

  • Instagram: @CoachKourtneyK and @KourtneyKingNYC

  • Facebook: @CoachKourtneyK, The World-Changing Mind Community, and CoachKourtney King

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