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Induction into the Covenant of Christ

The World's First
Formal Induction into the Covenant of Christ

In the corporate world, an induction is a formal orientation that a new employee receives to help them be installed in their new role with the knowledge and support that they need to be able to carry out their role in the spirit of the organization.

Usually, an induction would make your employment contract clear with its respective nuances, make the policies of the organization adequately known, and give insight into the History, Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy of the organization. It also highlights the resources that are available and how to go about using them.

Do you know that the Covenants of the Holy Scriptures are very similar to an employment contract?

But, for centuries the subject of Christ, as a result of the surmising of westernized church fathers and the traditions that were passed down to them, has been traditionally communicated from a religious perspective, grounded by its own compass of morality. So, no one has ever approached being a follower of Christ formally in the westernized Christian world, as the corporate world would with a new employee, and even more so, as the Believers in the first century AD would with a new Believer.

This has led to a modern Christian community that has been using the Name of Christ Jesus to no avail, resulting in the fruits of death mentally, emotionally, and physically. They have not been able to reproduce the miraculous results of the Messiah, nor the results of anyone of his Apostles today.

As a result, the Bible containing these Holy Scriptures, that have been miraculously preserved over thousands of years, accumulatively, is now ridiculed, derided, and invalidated as having no practical purpose.

It has been called a lie.

The Zane kai Keturah International Institute of Pneumatology is now going to change this.

Research that gave birth to the Institute was started with one main objective, which was to answer the question,

“Is the Bible true? And, if so, why isn’t it working mechanically today”.

With over 40,000 hours of pragmatic and experimental research into the Ancient Hebrew Principle of the Ancient Sacred Texts, and the energetic mechanics of Spirit, we have not only proven the Bible to be true in its respective context, but have inadvertently identified that the perspectives of westernized Christianity have been heavily misguided.

As a result, there is now and all time record of 3,000 denominations, statistically.

This means 3,000 interpretations of the Sacred Texts.

This Induction is purposed to, for the first time in over 2,000 years, give insight into the lost contexts of the Scriptures, as it relates to the overall message of the Bible.

We will make clear the Covenantal Viewpoint of the Sacred Texts, as intended by the Prophets, the Messiah and Apostles respectively, who authored them. We will reveal its respective worlds, as well as where we fit in in the overall story, today.

We will also give insight into how to formally fulfill the terms of the Covenant that is available to us today, that is the New Covenant, and how to enter into its Spiritual Realm based on the proven results of our experimental research.

This Induction will eliminate any and all confusion regarding the purpose and utility of the Bible.

The New Covenant is a Spiritual Contract. It is not, now was it ever a religious affair. This is the same for all other Covenants in the Holy Scriptures. It is alive and functional today, just as it was for the Believers pre-destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70AD.

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The Formal Induction into the Covenant of Christ 

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