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Meet Keturah

Keturah Bartholomew

Parenting Master Mentor

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K. Keturah Bartholomew was born and raised in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

She was enthusiastically devoted to the Adventist faith until she started to face extreme stress and burnout in her pursuit to understand God, her purpose and what it meant to live a godly life. The church rejected her when she found herself entangled in ‘sin’, it was at that point her desire was kindled even greater to live a purpose driven life and serve others.

Keturah began her search in 2014 to better understand the Bible so that she can be mentally liberated from the condemnation of the church and what she thought was her loss of salvation as a result of committing acts that the church deemed ‘sinful’.

Whilst on her quest, she abandoned religion and started to study the Bible from the Ancient Hebrew thought which completely transformed her mindset from feeling hindered to empowered and helped her to take control of her life. She found clarity and purpose as she discovered that the church was holding many in mental bondage because of misuse of the Bible.


She found that many Christians hold the Holy Bible in their hands for guidance but have neglected to consult with the authors’ perspective or mindset as a result they are using terms and phrases like ”God hates sin” that are not within its proper use. This is what she discovered through studies with the Founder of the International Institute of Pneumatology, Zane Pierre.

Now she is an Author, writer, Spiritual Identity & Parenting Master Mentor, and Women’s Empowerment Coach who educates women all around the world, with tested and proven strategies to identify and change limiting beliefs and become empowered to be the women that they were designed to be.

Meet Keturah
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