What are you afraid of?

Here is one to ruffle popular church “doctrine”

Definition of occult:matters regarded as involving the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal powers or some secret knowledge of them —used with theMeriam-Webster’s Dictionary

By, this definition given by Meriam-Webster, do you know that to those who do not know God as you (the Saints) know Him can comfortably label you, “occultic”? Probably why Jesus sent you IN HIS NAME! Christians were persecuted horrifically in the Dark Ages because of this. They were branded witches because of the “supernatural” or “supernormal” powers that healed as well as realized what was spoken. They were sunk at the bottom of a lake with a ball and chain strapped to their ankles. If you float, that was confirmation that you were a witch. If you sunk you were innocent. (Advantageous to the incriminated, right? lol)

On a different note, why is the body of Christ afraid in the slightest of ‘the occult’? By definition it is supernatural powers or some secret knowledge of them. Question: Is the supernatural or supernormal power of the Universe secret to the body of Christ?

The Kingdom is in the Holy Spirit. The secret is out! Jesus told it plainly!! The mysteries are revealed, according to the Apostle Paul. All things consist in Christ!!!

If the secret is out, then why are you concerned about occultic things as well as coming into contact with occultic things? Isn’t Christ in you your union with the Prince of Princes? Aren’t you made HOLY (shining like the Sun of Righteousness)? If you are “in Christ” and afraid of these things, I kindly ask that you review Philemon 1:6. Perhaps, you need to investigate what He has done in you. Ignorance in Christ is not bliss.

And for those that seem to think, whether by recommendation or by previous practice, that you should depend on the trinkets and practices of the “occult” to help you in ANY form or fashion, I have ONE question for you.

1 John 4:17 says that “Just as He is so are we in this world”. So question: Is Jesus using that? Think about it. If He isn’t, then why should you?

Maybe, JUST MAYBE, if Christ is in you, then your problem is not a lack of power (that you would have to depend on some other entity or beggarly element to help you), but a LACK OF KNOWLEDGE of Christ in you!

We live in unity with the Highest POWER. Why would you want to stoop for assistance from lower powers? Powers subject to you!

Ignorance is not bliss in Christ!

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