Thinking that you are not Perfect, is Arrogant

Are you making a lifestyle out of the errors of Adam in the Garden of Eden?

Or, are you making a lifestyle out of the flawlessness of Christ in the City of God?

Whatever you identify yourself with, becomes the subconscious logic from which you are living.

Many reading this, struggle with "sin" and "temptations" because you have compromised the self energizing potential of your mind (which is your heart and spirit), with identifying yourselves with imperfection. You make statements like, "I am not perfect", "no one is perfect". Because of this, you have brainwashed yourself into thinking that you are always going to make "mistakes" and thus, you live a life of complacent satisfaction.

I would like to propose a better covenant, a better way. I CHALLENGE you, to stop and just for the upcoming 7 days, test this out:

See yourself as perfect and say confidently that I AM PERFECT. From that perspective, sit with a list of things that you think that you may be struggling with, and start implementing a "plan of action" or a "routine of action" that establishes a different awareness, and watch how your struggles disappear.

For example, if you struggle with fear, from the perspective that you are perfect, establish a routine that trains you in fearlessness and a feeling of competence, like combat training, and watch how your perfection will manifest.

Another example, if you feel like you are not very smart nor bright, from the perspective of your perfection, read a book or pull up YouTube videos that teach you how to think like critical thinking, and start doing daily exercises on the internet to practice critical thinking, and watch your perfection manifest.

In other words, if you think yourself imperfect, being perfect would feel and seem like a task, and you will passively allow harmful habits to decay your life, on the sincere feeling that you cannot do better. But, if you see yourself PERFECT, then you will naturally begin to seek out like a hunting dog the things in your life that are not matching your perfection, list them and eliminate them i.e. change them. One by one, until you are satisfied with your life and the blessings of the Lord in it.


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