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Updated: Sep 9, 2019

When I was almost a teenager my parents (of strong Pentecostal persuasion at that time) asked me, “Zane do you want to be saved?”  I remember it somewhat vividly.  Having given my consent, I was led into the “Sinners Prayer” which specifically,, was a confession that I was a sinner, asking Jesus to forgive me of ALL my sins, followed by a personal request: asking Jesus to come into my heart.  

I remember at 12, I said this prayer with not much knowledge of its implications but believing that God was somehow more accessible.  I remember praying through my teenage life with many questions and the uncertainty of the Presence of God in my life’s circumstances, in fear and hoping that the same God that I was told about through the stories I read in the Children’s Bible stories booklets in my pre-teenage life would show up.  

It was in my teenage years that I began being “taught” the Bible to the very best of my parents’ knowledge but unfortunately the increasing “knowledge” of God only led to more frustrations.  I was one of those youths that took what I read to heart.  My childhood was a spiritually hostile one through which I had many experiences via dreams with angels and even with Jesus Himself.  But in hind sight I realized that it was from the commencement of my indoctrination into the Pentecostal approach that I experienced less and frustratedly labored with ALL that I had to experience God like Moses and Elijah (my childhood idols) while my parents actively led the simultaneous fending off of much demonic activities as our guardians (which they took with much seriousness).  I thank God for their presence in my life as well as for their spiritual guardianship.  

It was at age 17 that I remember actively taking up my “walk in Christ” and going FULL THROTTLE in my pursuit (from my full Pentecostal perspective) to get closer to God and to be holy, to be able to have the massive privilege of communing with God.  Needless to say that 15 years passed until I was thoroughly exhausted.  Within that time I witnessed the sudden demise of my father, as he suffered a stroke one evening (at which I grabbed my small flask of olive oil that I used as anointing oil and desperately prayed for his restoration and healing, rebuking the devil, and covering every possible reason that could be contributing to his predicament [by my Pentecostal knowledge], from his sins that may have opened doorways to the devil, to works of witchcraft done (against him/ our family), and was painfully declared clinically dead the following day.   It was to say the least, disappointing but as I was taught, I searched the Scripture to find justification as to why he had to die [by the decision of God]. And I continuously used them as the reason that God in “HIS SOVEREIGNTY” took him.  My mother was devastated and questioned God but for fear of angering God (again by Pentecostal indoctrination) never expressed it and stifled her emotional distress as best as she could.  The year after, my father’s mother, my grandmother, passed and we witnessed a very baffling occurrence.  On her death bed, despite being a “christian” for more than thirty years, she was tormented by the sight and experience of fire, -that we were unable to see physically-, as if she was never ‘saved’.  We had to lead her into prayer asking Jesus to come into her heart, while she was almost not speaking coherently, which automatically effected a change of events i.e she was restored rapidly to her mental coherence with an evident state of peace.  Shortly after she passed peacefully. 

The devastating blow for me though was not the bewilderment of their deaths and the respective happenings but rather the passing of my aunt (my father’s brother’s wife) from Cancer after a fairly long and demising battle.  During that battle I witnessed pastors, ministers, church members, her husband, her children, and even friends and other family members, including myself, pray for her with no apparent result.  Just before the point of passing, again, there were occurrences that gave rise to questions.  Occurrences that I will not mention for the sake of maintaining familial privacy.   

It was at the latter half of 2014, that I was pretty much reaching my breaking point.  I was exhausted with trying to be holy and righteous before God.  I was exhausted with the tedious labor of trying to remain pleasing to God to be blessed.  I struggled with personal issues and felt like I was doomed.  I felt as though I was fighting against my nature.  EVIL.  SIN.  I cried many nights asking God to take this sin from me and give me the new heart that David prayed for.  The only thing that I could hold on to was God’s well known words to Paul that I was taught in church, “my grace is sufficient for thee”.  In 2014, I was at my wits end and was about to give up on this God business and live my life making money and working to make myself ‘comfortable’.  

Interestingly enough, it was in December of 2014 that I was “coincidentally” presented with the opportunity to go to Bogota Colombia for the entire month.  Just before I left I remember Google searching “churches in Bogota, Colombia” and the first one that came up on the list I took note of and as soon as I arrived I inquired as to its proximity.  It was at this church that I received my wake up call that brought me into very serious questioning as to from what I was living in my so-called Christian walk all my life, in comparison to my experience in that church.  From the moment that I stepped off of the bus in front of the church the first Sunday morning that I attended, the presence of God was evident and made me want to breakdown and cry.  The service was very organised but also filled with miraculous events from beginning to end.  People were getting out of wheelchairs, testifying of financial blessings, being healed and even open wounds were closing.  Doctors came with their former patients attesting to the fact that the person was actually healed.  This was thoroughly and completely baffling to me.  I asked myself, “If this is God in Colombia, where is that God in my life?” “What do I not know that they know?”  “How is the miraculous so effortless?”  “Did Jesus reject me sometime aback and I didn’t know?” 

This experience led me on a search.  A search for Truth.  A search for experiencing what Jesus said in John 14:12.  I carefully considered, “after fifteen years of mystery filled Christianity, my search must have a reference point to be able to identify Truth.”  And so, I took the scientific approach.  The approach that I dare to label: the experimental supernatural physicist approach.  I took the deductive approach.  I took 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 VERY LITERALLY!  I started studying and then practically TESTING like a an experimental scientist.  A supernatural scientist. 

For the purpose of this pursuit, at the beginning of 2015, I literally put my profession on hold to dedicate myself to the veracity of the Gospel.  I considered that if my belief was wrong, then my identity is false and I would therefore be living a lie.  I sincerely considered that it would be a dreadfully sorrowful waste if I died and realized that I was at Hell’s Gates, -again my Pentecostal knowledge back then-, and not know why.  If my destination was hell, then I would have preferred to get there on my own ‘merit’ and not be swindled there by indoctrination.  MADNESS!  Not to mention that if after fifteen years of Pentecostal Christianity I am yielding no fruit, then according to the well known saying, “to do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, is INSANITY!

I thank God that in the first quarter of 2015 I came across Curry Blake’s Divine Healing Technician Training, also known as the “DHT” and the New Man Series.  These two seminars were to say the least, paradigm shifting, tradition challenging, and was the first course of training/ information that met my “scientific criteria”. They yielded RESULTS.  FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I SAW RESULTS.  I remember going over those seminars at least twice to three times and then I put it to the test.  In March of 2015, I experienced healing for myself as well as for someone else for the first time and that set me on my life changing course of challenging everything that I thought I knew, abandoning my Pentecostal upbringing and studying the Bible as unbiasedly as I could.  From since then to now, the Popular Church Doctrines have steadily become an increasingly distant thought and the realities of God have become easily accessible. 

The Holy Spirit is a strategic Teacher.  He NEVER gives you all the information at once.  If he did, you would not accept it through the paradigm of your narrow-minded opinions.  In hindsight, I realized that he taught me in layers, literally.  I also realized in hindsight that I cannot in any way neglect the fact that He (Holy Spirit) was throughout my Pentecostal upbringing questioning me on many things as well as presenting me with information that my indoctrinated mind ignored and branded as heresy.  He was always there.  Just ignored. Thanks be to Jesus for this MARVELOUS AND SPLENDIFEROUS GIFT of the HOLY SPIRIT OF FATHER YAHWEH/ THE SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST.  

At the publishing of this book (November 2017), it is now a total of almost three years of study (especially comprehending the Bible from its Jewish context), investigation and experimenting and I can confidently say that JESUS IS INDEED LORD, THE GOSPEL IS REAL (although it has not really been preached/ taught) and the Scriptures are completely reliable.  THE POWER OF GOD IS GIVEN TO YOU FREELY TO USE AT WILL.  We (those that I have studied and experimented with and I) have seen many supernatural things:  healing (of various types of pain and aches, various back issues, asthma, skin conditions, arthritis, restored eyesight, sicknesses, progressive healing of Cerebral Palsy), broken bones mended, limbs grown, controlling of weather, controlling of the wind and manipulating the clouds, demons cast out, miraculous weight gain, hair grown and the list goes on.  Not to mention the individual activation of the much disputed nine ‘gifts’ of the Holy Spirit.  Prophecy, Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, Discernment of spirits, Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues, Faith, Working of Miracles and of course Healing.  ALL accessible to ALL Saints.

The Gospel is really SIMPLE.  This three years of study (thus far) has honestly not been spent learning the Gospel but mainly unlearning the religious indoctrination, to be able to settle into the simplicity of the Gospel and the Truth concerning the NEW MAN and the New Covenant.   CHRIST!

The topics that I present in this book are some of my findings after fairly extensive research coupled with practical experiments [IN THE SPIRIT].  (It was not possible to fit them all into one book).  I have undoubtedly proven by experience that the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus said, is your Teacher.  

(This recount is by now way an extensive nor comprehensive one of my history but it would give you a fair idea as to what was the motivating factor behind my study.)

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