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Founders, President and Executive Vice President, and Master Teachers of the Zane kai Keturah International Institute of Pneumatology, R. Zane Pierre and K. Keturah Bartholomew are from the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, in the West Indies. 


They are Spiritual Mentors to hundreds, Writers, and Authors of “You are Elohim”, “Overhaul Your Religious Mindset” and “Freedom from Popular Church Indoctrination”, among others.

Collectively, between Zane and Keturah, is a history of fifty nine years of religious Christianity, twenty of which they were active practitioners. They both have a history of experiences with contact with the supernatural: necromancy, witchcraft, Satanism, the paranormal, and experientially witnessed the powerlessness of the mystery of modern day religious Christianity.

It is now approximately a total of four years since they have both combined their attention as a team to an estimated 20,000 and more hours of pragmatic study and practical experimental research in the field of Pneumatology predominantly guided by the content of the Bible through the paradigmatic lens of the ancient Hebrews and particularly the authors of both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible. Included in Zane Pierre's library of accumulative research  is 20 years of research in the spiritual perspectives of various religions, ancient civilizations, Jewish theology and cultural studies, religions and practices of the orient, mythology, the occult, as well as, basic comprehension of quantum physics, metaphysics, neuroscience, behavioral science, philosophy, world history, archaeology, astronomy, astrology, biology and more.

Their groundbreaking progress in their pragmatic and experimental approach to Spirituality and the evidential Supernatural Power of the Spirit of God recorded in the Bible have brought to light the centuries’ forgotten mechanics of Spirit and given birth to the Zane kai Keturah International Institute of Pneumatology through which they teach Pneumatology (the mechanics of Spirit and spiritual concepts), particularly, from the reference point of Biblical Scriptures and Literature, to the Body of Christ, internationally.

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Through their knowledge, guided by their experimental Spiritual research they are conclusively convinced that Christ Jesus is the Son of Yahweh (the Person, the Spirit and the Energy of the Universe).

It is their understanding that there are two types of mindsets in the world i.e. Adams and Christs, and that whichever of the two one identifies with (i.e. Adam or Christ), comes inherent spiritual limitations or Spiritual Supremacy, respectively. The latter, Spiritual Supremacy. They both personally identify with the Lord Christ Jesus as Sons of Yahweh and particularly enjoy exploring and conducting training in the mechanics of the Spiritual Supremacy of the Body of Christ.

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