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What is Pneumatology?

Pneumatology is defined as the study of spiritual beings or spiritual phenomena; the branch of Christian theology concerned with the Holy Spirit and; the study of spirits or spiritual beings. in the context of the Zane kai Keturah International institute of Pneumatology, it is defined as the study of the Energetic Mechanics (or Spiritual Physics) of the Holy Spirit and the New Man.

Who are we?

Zane kai Keturah International Institute of Pneumatology, located in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is a non-profit, NON-DENOMINATIONAL educational Institute, dedicated to the pragmatic and experimental research of the Ancient Hebrew Principle of Biblical Literature, and the Spiritual Dynamics or Energetic Mechanics of Spirit, spiritual phenomenon, principally of the Holy Spirit of Christ.

We approach Biblical Literature, very uniquely, as a Source of Spiritual Physics, through the lens of the Name of God, and Christ, i.e. Yahweh Elohim, and not as a Source of Philosophical Doctrine.

We recognize the Bible as an excellent source of Spiritual knowledge and so based on the Holy Scriptures from the standpoint of the New Covenant of the Spirit of Christ we educate, train, mentor, and coach on the Spirituality Physics, and Spiritual Logic of the glorified Lord Christ Jesus.



Our Vision

Lots of (Spirit-filled) Saints in Christ Jesus know what it is like to walk in power, peace and unity in the Spirit, where both our Energy (Spirits) and our Learnt intellectual Knowledge are working together and there is a genuine Energetic unity with other Believers involved. We love this experience of synergy but  this frequently takes place by happenstance, rather than by design, willfully or by intention.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have accurate comprehension on how to intentionally initiate this energetic stream of the Spirit in our day to day lives, communication, plans, projects, and even in unfavorable circumstances? Our investigations reveal that when you intentionally engage a conscientious state of personal identification with the Person of the Spirit of God (or the Holy Spirit) with accurate comprehension and acknowledgment of the energetic laws of the said Spirit, the Divine Energetic Identity of the said Person reveals Himself via thoughts, feelings, discernment, knowledge, supernatural power and more that arises, exceeding natural human intelligence, and capabilities. You can learn how to intentionally engage, and more importantly, intentionally sustain the energetics of the Spirit, preventing and eliminating biological and physiological dysfunctions while increasing your mental capabilities, emotional stability, foresight, intellectual capacity, and more. 

When we do this, even our analytical and pragmatic capabilities exponentially increase for keener diagnostics and resolutions for challenges both in our personal lives and otherwise. The Holy Spirit’s energetics inherently becomes the energetics of the person in conscientious personal identification with Him which produces remarkable instinctual insights and prognostication. Zane kai Keturah International Institute of Pneumatology – the Science of Christ, is now presenting the findings of pragmatic and experimental research primarily of the Scriptures, carried out over 4-5 years that can now bring the Believers in Christ into clarity on “walking in the Spirit” and maintaining the energetic presence of the Holy Spirit by intention, through simple steps that we intend to also subject to scientific assessment. 

Our objective

Our objective is to simplify the process of mechanical synchronization with the Holy Spirit’s Energetics and to simplify the knowledge of how to intentionally and mechanically function in the dimension of the Energetics of the Kingdom of God to be able to unfold who we truly are, in Christ, as well as how to intentionally function in the capacity of Christ Elohim. Our investigative research has brought to light that personal identification with Christ creates an energetic or spiritual unity or synchronization that causes the supernatural and divine nature to be the dominant energetic stream. This also involves the Spirit’s logical and rational intelligence which heightens the sagacity of our communication, decisions and choices to a remarkable level of effectiveness in every and all aspects of our lives. 


Our Mission

We would love to work together with the Body of Christ internationally to realize the Body’s conscientious personal identification with the Holy Spirit.

There is an increasing number of Believers across the world that has begun to awaken to their spiritual or energetic Power and Authority of Sonship in Christ. We would love to assist in standardizing the pragmatic knowledge of the Holy Spirit to begin to fulfill the purpose of all Sons of God i.e. to bring all creation into Life and creative order again through personal identification with Christ and the Holy Spirit, with the accompanying energetic knowledge verified through our pragmatic and experimental research by the reference point of the Hebrew Scriptures and corroborated by science.

We would also love to present the Pneumatology of Christ to the scientific community, the Self Existent Perpsective of Christ to the field of Psychology, and to the world as practically verifiable, thus making the Pneumatology of Christ an official field of study and the field that should be understood to bring all fields of study into their intended reference point. 


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